Maya Culture - Big Falls

Destination: Toledo

Maya Culture – Big Falls

Visit the home of Anita and Chris Cal in the village of Big Falls, and learn about the Maya culture and traditional way of life.

Start with a tour of their traditional home, learning how natural products found in the forest are used to build homes, make kitchen utensils and musical instruments, amongst other things! Then, learn how the Maya prepare fresh corn and cacao using a traditional grinding stone, known locally as a matate, and enjoy a refreshing cacao drink.

Next, take a tour of the garden, where Chris will share his knowledge of the local plants, fruits and herbs, talking about how different fruits and tree products are traditionally used.

Finally, sit with Anita and learn the art of corn tortilla making, passed on from mother to daughter through the generations, whilst lunch is simmering on the fire. Enjoy the fruits of your labor with a traditional Maya lunch, which usually consists of vegetables cooked with local spices and chicken.

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