Lubaantun Maya Site

Destination: Toledo

Lubaantun Maya Site

Tucked behind the village of San Pedro Columbia you can explore the archaeological wonders of the ancient Maya at Lubantuun, the largest Maya site in Southern Belize.

This ceremonial site dates back to the Maya Classic Era, flourishing from approximately AD 730 to AD 890, and seems to have been completely abandoned shortly afterwards. The name Lubantuun means “place of the fallen rocks”, and the site is named as such due to how the structures began to crumble as the underlying ground subsisted.

The site is unique in this region due to its rounded corners on structures and the way the limestone blocks have been carved to fit together, rather than using mortar. It is also where the infamous Crystal Skull was discovered in 1926, a cube of rock crystal carved into a perfect replica of a human skull. Although this piece is no longer at the site, there are many artefacts such as ceramic whistles and figurines, pottery and maps to be seen in the on-site museum.

Guests often find they have the site to themselves, so let your guide take you back in time as you learn about the ancient customs and beliefs of this fascinating world.

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