Drumming & Cooking

Destination: Toledo

Drumming & Cooking- Jill and Emmeth’s Creole School

Jam in the jungle with a belly full of authentic Creole cuisine! Join the Maroon Creole Drum School and experience the rich history of Belizean Creole culture.

You’ll start the day with a trip to the market with Jill and be surrounded by fresh local fruits and vegetables. See how many you can identify, and help to choose which items you’d like to be a part of your lunch.

Take a short 5-minute ride from the market and you will quickly find yourself at their home which is situated at the edge of the jungle. Here you will participate in the fire hearth cooking class using those ingredients from the market and others which are grown in Jill’s garden. Then, learn the traditional art of Creole drumming, that take you from learning the basic beats, to playing full group rhythms.

For a full day experience, you can paint maracas made from local materials, or make your very own travel size drum from bamboo, both of which are sure to be excellent Belizean souvenirs.

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