Cave Swimming - Blue Creek Cave

Destination: Toledo

Cave Swimming – Blue Creek Cave

Travel to the Mayan village of Blue Creek and continue your journey on foot. Hike around 30 minutes upstream along the banks of the creek, and you will soon see where the creek and village get their name!

At the top, you will reach the entrance to the Hokeb Ha cave system, formed over 200 million years ago. You can swim in the shade of the entrance cavern, or the more adventurous can delve into the darkness using only a headlamp with your guide. Swim and climb through the inner limestone caverns, passing waterfalls of cool water along your journey, and enjoy a more leisurely float back out.

The hike to the cave is on a gentle incline, and towards the top areas where you will need to clamber up and climb around small rock formations, so a certain level of fitness and agility is required for this tour.

For the adventure seeker, this tour pairs well with the river tubing experience.

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