What else is there to do?

Here are some exciting activities you can do on your own and explore the richness of Toledo!

  1. Rent a Kayak from TIDE Tours in Hopeville. For only US$5 per person per hour.
  2. Visit the Cotton Tree Chocolate Factory in Town for a FREE tour to view how they make chocolate.
  3. Visit the Warasa Garifuna Drum School and learn to dance the different Garifuna beats or learn different styles of drummings.
  4. Visit the Maroon Creole Drum School and Emmeth will teach you how to play the Creole Drums. Jill also cooks up a hearty meal on the fireheart. You can learn to prepare her delicious foods as well.
  5. Experience some Belizean karaoke at the Roots Rock Reggae Bar on the weekend nights. Evelyn Woodye, young manager of the bar,knows all the best karaoke songs just for you!
  6. Visit the local restaurants and bars, socialize with the locals as we are all friendly and welcoming to visitors to Toledo.
  7. Visit the WE ART GALLERY on Far West St. owned and operated by Dr. Ludwig Palacio. Dr. Palacio has wealth of knowledge and can share how he masterfully create his artwork for your viewing pleasure.

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