Payne’s Creek National Park (PCNP) covers 37,680 acres in the Toledo District. It is co-managed by TIDE and the Belize Forest Department.

parrotsPCNP protects hypersaline, saline, brackish and freshwater habitats, mangroves, broadleaf forest and savannah and provides direct protection for a great diversity of species of which twenty are endangered or vulnerable. These include the West Indian manatee (Trichechus manatus), goliath grouper (Epinephelus itajara), black howler monkey (Alouatta pigra) and Yellow-headed parrot (Amazona oratrix belizensis) as well as Belize’s five species of cat. The main purpose of  PCNP is the preservation of biodiversity and the sustainable use of the resources through non-extractive activity. This is achieved through a set of programs and activities that ensure the continuation of the health of natural resources in the park. Activities includes regular enforcement patrols by staff in order to prevent illegal activities in the park. Tourism is also incredibly important to the park including regular use of the Punta Y’cacos Lagoon for fly-fishing.


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