About this journey…. 7days/6nights Test your fly-fishing skills with this fantastic fishing trip to the vibrant waters of Southern Belize. Fish alongside some leaders of the sport and gain the chance to catch the elusive Permit fish – can you land yourself over 30lb fish? Surround yourself in the crystal clear waters of the Port […]

About this journey…. 7 days/6 nights Travel from the northern reaches of Belize, where you will learn about the Mestizo communities and work your way south, learning about the historic Garifuna and Maya communities along the way. From ancient ruins to traditional chocolate making, this tour allows you to experience the diverse cultures that can […]

About this journey…. 5 days/4 nights Toledo District of southern Belize offers unparalleled marine and inland wonders. As part of the world’s second largest Barrier Reefs, Toledo has so much to discover. Home to a diverse indigenous ethnic groups including Kekchi and Mopan Mayas, Garifuna, Creole, Mestizo, and East Indians. On this journey, discover the […]

About this journey…. 5 days/4 nights Immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of the Mayan communities of Belize. From ancient Maya Ruins to traditional Maya cooking lessons, this tour will ensure you know all there is to know about the fascinating ways the Maya’s lived in the past and still live today.   […]

About this journey…. 6 days/5 nights Delve into the majestic ecosystems of Southern Belize and spot the wonders that lie within. Surround yourself with bird song and the calls of the forest while exploring Toledo’s national parks and immersing yourself in cultural experiences of Maya Ruins and traditional Belizean villages on this Southern Birding Expedition. […]

  About this journey…. 7 days/6 nights Experience the hidden treasures found in the marine environment of this diverse country. From snorkelling in crystal oceans on the 2nd largest Barrier Reef system in the world, to cruising up rivers and exploring the dense wildlife that inhabits their banks, this trip offers something for everyone.   […]

  About this journey…. 7 days/6 nights Journey through a wide variety of Belize’s ecosystems by venturing on an exclusive tour of the three protected areas co-managed by the Toledo Institute for Development & Environment. The three protected areas to be explored will be Paynes Creek National Park, Port Honduras Marine Reserve and TIDE Private […]