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Yok Balum Cave and

Uxbenka Mayan Ruins

Come and discover Yok Balum Cave

and a Mayan Ceremonial City

Yok Balum Cave Belize

At 8:30am you will be picked up by your guide and start an unforgettable journey in to a cave hidden in the pure undisturbed jungle. After about one and a half hour drive you will arrive at Santa Cruz Village. Santa Cruz was formed in 1950, by a group of families who came together to build a community at a site with fertile soils, where they began, and still are, farming.

Here, you will leave you vehicle behind and begin an hour and a half hike in to the jungle. From your guide you will learn about different plants and trees and what dangers or medicinal miracles they hold. You will also cross the Rio Grande and beYok Balum Cave Belize on look out for Jaguar paw prints on the trail.

The entrance of the cave of the Yok Balum Cave is well hidden so it was only discovered in recent years. Inside the cave you will see spectacular displays of stalactites and stalagmites that will take your breath away. After you return from the underground world, back to the Santa Cruz Village, you will enjoy a traditional Mayan lunch prepared by a Mayan family.

Uxbenka BelizeAfter this tasty and unforgettable lunch you will continue your journey to a nearby Mayan archeological site, Uxbenka. Uxbenka, translated as "ancient place”, is an early classic ceremonial site. This Maya site perches on a ridge overlooking the foothills and valleys of the Maya Mountains.

The Blue Creek Canyon can be seen in the distance. Uxbenka is made from one main plaza on the top of the hill with six structures surrounding the edges and with smaller plazas lower down the slopes and at the base of the hill. Seven carved stellas were found here. It is still an archeological site in progress with the feel of a newly discovered ancient Mayan city.

So come and discover the real beauty of Toledo.



US$ 95.00 per person (minimum 2)

US$ 75.00 per person (for 4 or more)

This price includes: Head Lamps, transfer to and from hotel, tour guide, entrance fees, tax inclusive.

TIDE Tours is a subsidiary of the Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE), a local environmental organization. You will be satisfied to know that all profit goes towards natural resource conservation and community development.

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